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Kitchen & Bathroom Design Services for Colorado Springs, CO

There are a variety of reasons to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, laundry room or office in Colorado Springs, CO. You may simply be looking for a way to increase the value of your home. Perhaps you want to create a fresh new look or make your living spaces more accessible and functional. Whatever the reason, a remodel can be quite the undertaking. As you move forward with your remodeling project, you need a professional design and to find ways to eliminate any unnecessary stresses. For this reason, it's important to choose a professional remodeling and design firm to walk you thru the remodeling process.

JKC Design, since opening in 2007, has designed and remodeled hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces. We take pride in improving existing spaces, aiding functionality, and helping our clients achieve their remodeling goals. We custom design our products and offer holistic material choices to meet all of our clients' needs.

We specialize in the following design styles:
Contemporary Kitchens
Traditional Kitchens
Transitional Kitchens
Mediterranean-Style kitchens
Industrial kitchens
Whatever your design needs, we have the products and services to provide that extraordinary living space!

Kitchen Remodeling & Design

JKC Design is a local, full-service design and kitchen remodeling company. Our experienced kitchen and bath interior design and project professionals are there to walk you through the entire remodel process.
We carry the upscale Waypoint, Medallion, and Dura Supreme cabinet brands which provide our clients the quality of life-time warranties and upscale options such as all-wood box construction, limitless organization options, 1/2" plywood dove tail drawers, and standard soft close drawers and doors. All this with limitless color and door style options to fit any style!
Along with many cabinet brands, we carry a complete line of countertops, decorative hardware, moldings, architectural wood, tiling and flooring, we offer a wide selection of brands and styles to help you create the living space you want to come home to, whether it's in your existing home or a part of a new build.

Our Design and Installation Process

We believe in ensuring expectations are reality! Although the steps may vary, the guide below outlines the general flow of how we achieve a successful kitchen or bath project. Typically, we like to meet with you in two-week increments, unless time requirements dictate otherwise.
  • 1. Pre-Work: Initial Consultation/Price Estimate
  • 2. Phase I: Preliminary Design
  • 3. Phase II: Design Development/Material Selection
  • 4. Phase III: Material Order/Scheduling
  • 5. Phase IV: Installation
  • 6. Phase V: Project Completion

PRE-WORK: Initial Consultation/Price Estimate

When you call our office and speak with one of our dedicated designers or project managers, we’ll set up a free-initial consultation. During this consultation, show us what inspires you. We can discuss ideas, costs, and help you establish a budget plan for your project.
If you decide to come to the showroom for the consult, you will have an opportunity to browse our showroom to see an extensive sampling the various collections we offer in high-end, mid-range,
and budget. Our selections represent the highest quality, best designed Cabinetry, hardware, tile, and countertop offerings in the industry. At the end of this meeting we’ll have:
  • A preliminary understanding of the remodeling project
  • A preliminary budget developed
  • We’ll provide some design suggestions and a rough cost estimate

PHASE I: Preliminary Design

If you would like to move forward with us, we’ll enter into a Design Services Agreement that reserves our time to complete a comprehensive set of plans for your kitchen or bath. Of course, your deposit is appropriately credited toward your final contract. During this phase, we will:
  • Confirm project goals and scope of work
  • Refine project budget
  • Brainstorm general layout options
  • Conduct job site inspection and field measurements
  • Draft initial floor plans/layouts and other project considerations
  • Provide initial cost proposal with an initial design including cabinetry, material allowances, and labor estimates. These can be used to get other ‘apples to apples’ cost estimates and/or design assistance from other companies.

PHASE II: Design Development/Material Selection

If you like what you see and decide to work with us for your entire remodel, we’ll take the first deposit (normally 10% of the proposal cost) and move towards formalizing the design and selecting material. Get ready for frequent meetings during this phase so we can finalize a more detailed plan of action. In this phase, we will:
  • Present conceptual floor plans: (schematics, spatial relationships, scale and placement), discussing the merits of each
  • Coordinate aesthetics: includes selection of cabinetry, finishes and materials; discuss options; related costs decisions are made
  • Provide technical drafting and project refinement: includes detailed drawings, elevations and/or sketches that focus on the technical or functional aspects of the project
  • Prepare detailed cost analysis: includes detailed cost proposal and project specifications summarizing project goals
Most design issues will be resolved here, though some refining may occur in the final phases

PHASE III: Material Order/Scheduling

This phase is when we provide formalize and finalized everything. We’ll provide a final cost proposal with your finalized design, material selection costs, and labor costs. Once we have your signed approval on all changes and costs, we’ll start ordering products and scheduling. In this phase, we’ll:
  • Confirm final agreement: includes review of responsibilities and estimated construction plan
  • Begin ordering materials
  • Begin scheduling with contractors

PHASE IV: The Installation

Yay! The fruit of our labor and all of our planning and design takes shape! We’ll get everything ready for installation and provide everything needed for the subcontractors to do the installation. We’ll manage installation and be your single-point-of-communication during the entire installation process. In this phase, we’ll:
  • Provide final construction documents to trade partners
  • Provide final estimated schedule to client
  • Complete project kick-off meeting with client, contractor, and designer
  • Manage demolition and installation
  • Coordinate materials and aid the contractor’s efforts to build the project as specified

PHASE V: Project Completion

At this stage we are all done! …Well not quite.

In this phase, we’ll:
  • Complete final walk-through
  • Create punch list including documentation of any warranty items
  • Complete project to client satisfaction
  • Receive warranty statement
  • Take after photos
  • Review client care and maintenance kit

Thinking about remodeling? Contact us today for a free estimate and experience the difference by Design for all your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs! We're conveniently located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.